"For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gator Bait

My cousin Jenny, aka Gator Bait, is at the hospital having Lyla Grace :0) I sure do wish her dad, my Uncle Roger, was on his way to the hospital with the rest of the family.

I cry tonight not because my uncle is gone but because that uncle was Jenny, Emily, and Philip's dad, my aunt Libby's husband, my dad's baby brother, and Sarah, Eli, Kate and Luke's grandpa. Tonight he should be on his way to the hospital to be with his "Jenny girl" but instead I suppose he's kissing Lyla Grace one last time before sending her down from heaven to be part of this crazy family!! I'm sure he's given her Strickland 101 so she won't be shocked upon arrival!

The Strickland's in Tejas can't wait to meet you Lyla!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Blog by Emily

Ladies...you must read my cousin's blog. She's listed under my blogging friends list and her writings are just WONDERFUL. Read and enjoy.

Congratulations Linda!

One of my very best friends since the 3rd grade graduated from KU Med with her Masters in Healthcare Administration. Way to go Linda !!

Here is how the weekend was suppose to go: I fly to Kansas City on Friday and spend the night with my sister in Topeka. Saturday, go to KC for Linda's graduation party, spend the night in KC, fly home Sunday. The kids would be with Robert except Saturday night they would stay with my parents.

Here is how the weekend went: My parents and the boys drove to Topeka on Friday, Emma and I are to fly out Friday evening. Our flight is cancelled due to weather. Boo! (Those weren't my exact words.) American Airlines can't get us to KC at a decent time Saturday so we move on to the next airline...Southwest. SW requires Emma have her birth certificate to prove she is under 2. I don't have her birth certificate and I don't know why so don't ask. I give up. I'm not making it to the graduation. I post a short rant on facebook and learn her shot records would work also. Soooooo, after going out to eat with Robert and Emma, I go home and find an official document that SW will accept. 9:00 Friday night, we book our flight to KC for the very next morning. Saturday morning we leave the house at 5:30 am and I'm in KC by 9:05! I got very little sleep over the weekend but it was worth it!

It was a short trip and nothing like I planned but I had a great time and Emma was wonderful on the flights...of course. Isn't she always perfect??!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Return of the Blog

I have decided to return to the world of blogging. My blog will by no means be as wonderful as my cousin Emily's, but I am back!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Life with Boys is Never.....

Dull. Tonight Robert and I were invited to a music ministry appreciation dinner at Woodcreek even though he just joined the ministry and plays for the first time tomorrow. After dinner a lady with a fabulous voice was singing for everyone when we got the call. The call that Josh fell at mom and dad's and shoved one of his front teeth up into the gum. My mom was so freaked out that it freaked me out...hate it when she does that. I'm the one who can stay calm! We took him to the ER even though I knew they couldn't do anything and I was right...they turned us away...sorta. Called the dentist and I'll be taking Josh in at 8 on Monday morning to have it checked out.

This past week Kolton was home with a stomach ache which is nothing new for this kid so we went back to the GI doc. Got an acid blocker to start on daily and ran some tests...one of which is screening for celiac which I don't think he has but he's never been tested. Also will be taking him for an ultrasound of his liver and gallbladder to make sure that's not what's causing the pain.

His sugars are still dropping on us. Yesterday at school....37, last night at the mall....36. Today at lunch I didn't even give him insulin and he was still in range 2 hours later. What??!!!! I have no idea what's going on with him.

Emma is now crawling fast and pulling up to a stand on one of her toys. I had to dig the pack 'n play out of the attic so I'd have a place to keep her contained when I need to.

O yea, and Robert and I are fine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Shocking, I know

I'm so addicted to FB that I haven't blogged in over a month. There is no way I'm going to try to do a "catch up" blog. If you know us well enough, you know what we've been up to anyway. I'll just start with recent events.

Friday I had the privilege of attending Ethan's adoption hearing. Friday night, party at the Langfords to celebrate the adoption, Sunday church at 9 at Woodcreek, (yes that's right, a new church) then off to the 11 service at Murphy Road for Ethan's baby dedication after which I was able to "sneak out". Being at a Murph service wasn't as bad as I thought it would but it seemed so small after being at Woodcreek for the past month.

Mother's Day was wonderful! The whole weekend was. Sunday we had lunch at my parents, took my usual Sunday afternoon nap and worked in the yard. Kolton got me flowers and Robert bought me a new camera and Paul even called....not really because of Mother's Day but he did wish me a happy one. So sad his mom isn't here.

Mother's Day proved to be a long one. Kolton's sugar was only 38 at 11:00 last night and it took me until almost 3:00 this morning to get it over 100! I checked his sugar every 15 minutes! His stomach hurt too which made it much harder to bring his sugar up. His number would go up, then it would go down, then it would go up, then down, up, down, up, down until 3!!! I'm so tired tonight. I have no idea what was going on but glad he's fine today.

Emma likes to growl at her toys, crawling and pulling up on stuff. Her crawl is still slow thankfully but she gets where she wants to go!

I promise to get back to the world of blogging.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Smarty Pants...again

Kolton did very well on the TAKS reading test. I don't have the exact score yet but I know he got a commended performance which means he's 90% or above....whoo hoo!! I'll find out tomorrow the testing details. I am so proud of him!

Last night was diabetes night at the Stars hockey game so Kolton and I went. He was able to attend a meet and greet with #17 Toby Petersen who also has type 1 diabetes. We had fun at the game even though the Stars lost 5 - 2. Note to self....there is no point in leaving the game early if you ride the train!! We took a train to Pearl, another to Mockingbird and then finally the one we really needed to get all the way home which had people on it that stayed for the whole game.

The other big news for Kolton is he decided he wants an insulin pump...yay!! It'll be so much easier on all of us! We go to a pump class Tuesday and then back for 2 more classes after he actually gets his own pump. Wish us luck as we learn something new!!